Our Principles

Being, as most of us are, doctors, we are acutely aware of the unique ethical status of our particular industry.

We adhere strictly to all local laws and regulations, and also to those prevalent in the West, often more demanding, such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Bribery Act . We would never undertake any action either illegal, unethical or likely to put our reputation at risk.

We have clear commitments to all our stakeholders:

  • Patients: we will deal only with high-quality products of proven safety and efficacy. Our work is and always will be rooted in improving patients’ access to the best medicines and treatments available
  • Doctors: we will apply full disclosure to every product we handle, enabling fully-informed decision-making. We will fully comply with all regulations and communicate openly with the healthcare community
  • Clients: we will provide services of the highest quality, comply fully with ethical business principles, be open and transparent in all our actions, and work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible results
  • Employees: we will maintain a professional and pleasant working environment for our employees, and invest in their education and motivation