Emerging markets offer rich potential to Western companies, but on-the-ground expertise is crucial.

The potential is clear; the challenges can be considerable. Complex legislation and regulations, a volatile, rapidly-changing environment, and scarcity of reliable information can all pose serious obstacles to commercial success. Local insight can be crucial to the development of effective strategies and efficient execution. We combine local expertise with real business acumen to deliver optimal solutions for our clients.

We provide a comprehensive range of fully-customizable consulting solutions to fulfill their needs, including:

  • Market analysis. International companies looking to enter emerging markets are often frustrated by market data that’s incomplete, unreliable or contradictory - or simply unavailable. Raifarm draws on its deep knowledge of local markets, extensive personal networks and proprietary knowledge database to offer clear, accurate, pertinent information, enabling rapid, effective action that delivers results. We routinely survey all markets in which we operate, and have undertaken over 35 bespoke market analysis projects for leading Western companies, covering both new product launches and line-extensions.
  • Strategic advisory. Good strategic advice is never at a greater premium than in emerging markets. Yet few global consulting firms have any great experience or expertise in the pharmaceuticals industry, with all its specialization and complexity. Our people’s decades of combined industry experience enable us to fully understand our clients’ needs, and offer reliable, practical and actionable solutions. We can advise across a wide range of strategic and operational issues, across multiple geographies. Multiple consulting projects we have successfully completed range from the creation of a CIS market entrance strategy to drug portfolio optimization, from assessment of a distribution system to the evaluation of business development opportunities.
  • In-licensing support. Our employees’ exceptionally strong knowledge of many therapeutic areas and available medicines enables us to pinpoint promising molecules with strong commercial potential. We then help our clients source them on the best possible terms. We also maintain a database of selected molecules, which we offer to our clients based on their needs and existing portfolios.
  • Custom projects. Our broad expertise enables us to offer our clients a wide range of other custom-tailored advisory services, helping them meet even the most demanding strategic and operational challenges.